#FleetwayFaithful: Touring Sri Lanka

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Sophie Knight

14 May 2018

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Sri Lanka has it all: impressive national parks, tea plantations, historic towns and stunning, sandy beaches. The scenery, sights, food and above all, super smiley locals, really make this country stand out. 

Interested? Well, who better to tell you about our Sri Lanka guided tour than two of our faithful Fleetway customers? Step forward Mel & Gwen!

This lovely couple enjoyed the tour last year and we catch up with them to hear all about their holiday…

Take it away Mel! Where did your trip start?

“The first hotel, the Grand Udawalawe was lovely. It was like being in the middle of the jungle. 

We had two nights there, and it was absolutely superb. There were streams running through the grounds and monkeys playing in the trees nearby!

We thought the next hotel, the Ekho Sadari Hotel, couldn’t possibly have been any better but we were wrong. It was situated on a beautiful lake and the scenery was stunning. The people were so friendly and helpful. There were smiles everywhere you went!”

Rave reviews so far! What about the safaris Gwen?

“We saw so many animals: leopards, a sloth bear, lots of elephants, even a family with baby ones! We went to the Elephant Transit Home as well but were very lucky on the safari and had the best view there. We took lots of photos, and captured many birds and crocodiles too.” 

No wonder you chose to add an extra safari to your trip! Where did you go next?

“Lastly, we had three days by the beach, at an all-inclusive hotel, the Citrus Waskaduwa. The beach was lovely - white sand, nobody on it, very quiet, practically empty. It really was a very posh, swish hotel! In fact, all of the hotels included were lovely. And the food was good too - the food was good everywhere!”

So thumbs up for the hotels. What were your holiday highlights?

“We went to a large lake where we were just a few feet away from a wild and very large and old elephant, named Rambo, who had set up his ‘home’ around the lake. We then moved onto a forest area where there were literally wild peacocks everywhere!

We also had a guided tour around the capital, Colombo, on the way back to the airport. These trips, together with the three safaris, really made the holiday very special for us because we are amateur photographers – it gave us many opportunities, superb photos, and lasting memories.”

Your photos are amazing! What really made the holiday stand out for you?

“For the whole seven days of the holiday we were chauffer driven everywhere and our bags were carried around. It was fabulous and made all the difference.” 

VIP treatment! Before you leave us, how would you summarise Sri Lanka in five words?

“Great wildlife, food and people”

Thank you Mel and Gwen! We’re so pleased you had a lovely holiday and aren’t at all jealous…

Fancy hotels, close encounters with exotic animals on the safari, and delicious food – what more could you want from a holiday? And with tour extras including the Udawalawe walk, Kataragama Sacred City, Handungoda Tea Plantaton and Galle Fort, there really is something for everyone in Sri Lanka. We’re wild for this up-and-coming holiday destination!

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