#FleetwayTravels: Radisson Blu Saga, Iceland

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Martin Andersen

05 November 2016

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Being a company of keen travellers, we enjoy catching up with our costumers after they have been one of our holidays, to get the inside information on what they recommend to see and do when choosing to go to a certain destination. We recently caught up with Harry who discovered Iceland for less through our package deal that enabled him to go on three different tours and twice try to spot the Northern Lights.

Hi Harry, you’ve just come back from your stay in Iceland, can you tell us about the hotel you stayed in?

We stayed for three nights at the Radisson Blu Saga. The hotel was really nice and with a great location as well. From the hotel it was just a 15-minute walk to the centre of the city and the Hallgrimskirkja.


How did you spend most your time doing on the island?

Trekking. On the first day we went on a trek to see the Northern Lights, which unfortunately we weren’t able to see that night. We spent the second day visiting the Blue Lagoon, while on the third day we went on the Golden Circle Tour, where we got to see some of the geysers and waterfalls. On the evening of the third day we also got the chance to go hunting for the Northern Lights again, and this time we at least managed to catch a glimpse of it.

And if you had to pick one thing that you would say visitors shouldn’t miss while on Iceland?

It would have to be the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

Did you make any random discoveries in Reykjavik? Or do you have a good local tips you want to share?

Use the vouchers and the recommendations that the hotel provides for dinner. Eating out in Iceland can be quite expensive, so we asked the hotel staff for their suggestions on places to go and then used some of the vouchers when we went for dinner.

And while we’re on the subject of food, what was the best food that you tried during your stay?

We found this cosy little Icelandic pub, where we had a delicious fish stew. I can’t remember the name of the local fish that they used in the stew, but it was really tasty. We also really enjoyed the breakfast that the hotel offered. There was a huge selection of fruit and we tried the Icelandic yoghurt that is known as Skyr, which together with fruit is a really delicious breakfast treat, high on protein.


What would you say is the most memorable bit of your holiday?

Seeing the Blue Lagoon, without a doubt. We also drove around the countryside and the volcanic landscape that surrounds Reykjavik just looks like a completely different planet.


Travelling around in Iceland and Reykjavik, do you have a practical tip for fellow visitors?

Bring a woolly hat! Although it may not feel particularly cold, when night falls and the Atlantic winds blow in across the city, it can feel really cold on the ears and the face. So in addition to the normal warm clothes that you’d want to bring to Iceland, make sure you also bring something to cover your ears. Another good tip would be to bring a bottle of water with you on the tours. Despite the cold weather, the sun and the clear sky can easily leave you dehydrated, so having a bottle nearby is a good idea.

And finally, what would you say that newcomers have to try here to have the full Icelandic experience?

The tour guide was handing out samples of fish jerky during our breaks. These pieces of dried fish are very unique to the island and locals go absolutely mad for it. So that is really something to try if you want the full picture of Iceland.


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