Food to eat in Jersey - the Jersey Big Four

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Martin Andersen

18 September 2017

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A visit to Jersey is all about the food! The fertile island and surrounding waters are home to some of the most exquisite ingredients in the UK and you haven’t really experienced the place, until you’ve sampled the delicious, locally sourced produce known as the Jersey Big Four that more than anything has put the island on the map. The main restaurants on the island all focus their cuisine around the four key ingredients that you simply have to try (repeatedly and in large portions) during your stay on this fantastic island. So remember to pack a healthy appetite and a pair of trousers with a stretchy waistband. 

Jersey Royals

By far the largest agricultural export of the island, the Jersey Royal potatoes taste even better when served with complementing local ingredients such as lean Jersey beef and home-grown greens. Regarded as one of the best new potatoes and grown only in Jersey for over a century, the Jersey Royal is listed as a Protected Designation of Origin (similar to Champagne and Stilton cheese). These tasty baby potatoes can be sampled either in top-class restaurants in St Helier or picked up from local farmers selling them by the roadside throughout the island.


Whether it’s delicious butter served with freshly baked bread, milk for your tea or even a delicious ice cream enjoyed on a hot day, you’re in for a treat when trying out this famous Jersey produce. All dairy products on the island come from the iconic Jersey cows, and the rich, creamy flavour is worth the journey alone. Best enjoyed along the waterfront of St Helier when the sun is out, we highly recommend making every dessert a classic Jersey ice cream cone (even when the sun is not out – let’s be honest, all weather is ice cream weather).


Treat yourself to some succulent, fresh lobsters while staying in Jersey. This tasty shellfish thrives in the cool Atlantic waters that surrounds the island, and the orange Lobster-trap markers, used by local fishermen, can be seen dotting the sea around Jersey. After a day of exploring (and eating ice cream), you should head to one of the many amazing seafood restaurants on the island, such as Bistro Rosa or Roseville Bistro in St Helier, where tasty lobsters, fresh from the sea, can be savoured along with prawns, Jersey Royals and plenty of soft, garlic butter.


Freshly collected from the shallow bays along the southern side of Jersey, you can practically taste the cool Atlantic waves in every oyster you sample here. Head down to the Jersey Central Market in St Helier, where you’ll find plenty of stalls that serve these local delicacies, or let yourself in for a treat at the Quayside Bistro, where you both enjoy fresh oysters and amazing views of the surrounding bay. If you are staying in St. Brelade’s Bay, head to the aptly named Oyster Box, where you can sample Jersey rock oysters, served in a variety of ways (we recommend not missing out on any of them, by ordering the oyster plate). 

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