Lapland Adventure

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Dessie Nedyalkova

29 August 2017

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Hi Sarah, just to start us off, how would you sum up your Lapland experience?

Incredible. A once in a lifetime experience with more snow than I can describe!

How did you spend most of your days? What did you get up to?

Our first day was spent getting used to the weather, our surroundings and meeting our tour-guide as well as some of the rest of our group. The rest of our days were filled with highlights like the reindeer sleigh and husky dog sled, as well as the snowmobile drive and Snow Village. Our nights were spent in the hotel’s lounge by the cosy log fire, drinking a hot drink!

What would you recommend not missing while in Lapland?

The best part of the trip was the snow mobile ride! We whizzed through open, vast landscape, all white, wherever the eye could reach! No trees, no mountains, just distant nothingness which was so beautiful! We went out on the ride as the sun was setting, with the evening light glistening on the snow. It was an experience I will never forget.

Do you have any good stories or memories from your trip you’d like to share?

We spent the first day getting to know our surroundings. We got in our snow suits and went exploring to the local town, walking past quirky Finnish houses painted in bright colours, which contrasted against the brilliant white of the snow. I will never forget the amount of snow! We’d dressed up in all our snow gear and numerous warm layers underneath….big mistake! Turns out less is more when it comes to wearing clothes under your snow suit – we went from freezing to boiling very quickly.

Changing the subject, slightly, can you tell us about the food you had during your stay? Where did you have your best meal?

We stayed in the Akashotelli Hotel and the best food we had on the trip was at their restaurant. Everything was fresh and made locally, including all different types of bread, smooth moreish butter and cake. My travel companion even tried the reindeer burger. She said it was delicious! 

Do you have any other tips on things to do and see?

My biggest tip would be to prepare for the cold. The snow suit and boots are fine for your feet and body, but you will need gloves, a scarf and ear muffs.

One night we took a walk to the frozen lake nearby the hotel, and were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. It was a magical evening, but the temperature of -23°C is something I’ll never forget!

Finally, is there anything you think people simply have to experience while here? 

See everything you can, and no matter how cold you are stick with all the activities! You will be tempted to go back indoors and sit by the fire, or run back to the coach, but if you do you’ll miss some experiences of a lifetime. 

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