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Seven great gadgets to bring with you on holiday

Preparing for a holiday means packing and knowing what to bring. Here at Fleetway, we want your preparations to be as smooth as possible, so we have carefully compiled a list of seven great items that you should pack in your suitcase to enhance your travel experience.

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Places to explore for Easter

Easter is a great chance to discover the world with someone you love. Every country has a certain way that it celebrates this religious holiday and what better way to explore new aspects of Easter than by immersing yourself right in the middle of it. Each one of our deals below is available to book for the Easter holiday duration and they all have something unique and fabulous to offer.

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The Channel Islands: Three things you might not know

One of the sunniest places in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands offer a unique holiday experience. Sandy beaches, clear water and old fortresses give it an exotic air, which, when mixed the strong British identity, typical English houses, as well as the random pub, makes this a truly unique destination. If you’re planning to visit either Guernsey or Jersey, here are a few facts that you might not know about them.

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#FleetwayTravels: Radisson Blu Saga, Iceland

Being a company of keen travellers, we enjoy catching up with our costumers after they have been one of our holidays, to get the inside information on what they recommend to see and do when choosing to go to a certain destination. We recently caught up with Harry who discovered Iceland for less through our package deal that enabled him to go on three different tours and twice try to spot the Northern Lights.

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Random facts about Edinburgh

Are you looking for a break in Scotland's capital? Here are four interesting facts that will give you a bit of an insight into the romantic city of Edinburgh. Why is it called the Auld Reekie? Did King George IV were pink leggings? And why is there a half finished Greek temple on the top of Calton Hill? Click here to find out.

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Five Italian Dishes From Five Regions

Italian cuisine is known and savoured throughout the world. From the delicious pasta sauces and the crisp stone-baked pizzas, to risotto and parmesan cheese and tasty cured ham, the country has it all. When in Italy, however, it’s worth noting that each region has its own distinct dishes and traditions and although you can find pizza and pasta throughout the country, knowing what the region you’re holidaying in does best, will bring out the best in flavours, and your taste buds will be forever grateful. ´

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Local gems in Scandinavia: The South

Scandinavia is more than just woolly jumpers, flat packs and thrilling crime dramas, and although lots of tourists make their way to the main cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo each year, there are plenty of spots of sheer natural beauty hiding in plain sight across Scandinavia. From the greenery and flat landscapes of Denmark and southern Sweden, via the rocky fjords and vast forests of Norway and Sweden, to the snow-capped mountains, frozen sea and jaw-dropping Northern Lights of the Arctic north, this is a corner of the world adorned with gems of natural magnificence. Here are five of these that can be found across Southern Scandinavia.

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How to dress for the Arctic Circle

The northern most parts of Europe is an absolutely stunning landscape, but it can also be a hostile and unforgiven environment. The most important thing, if you’re going on holiday in sub-zero conditions, is to be well prepared for the elements. As the saying goes, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, so here follows some advice on what to wear to stay warm and safe in the Arctic.

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Five perfect daytrips in Greece

Greece is an overabundance of things to see and do. It's a true plethora of experiences. However, away from the much-travelled tourist paths of the Acropolis, Rhodes Town and Heraklion on Crete, there are many lesser-known gems that are hiding in plain sight. Here are five such suggestions for a daytrip away from the resort.

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