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Beach Breaks

Rock the Kasbah - Three Places to Visit in Any Tunisian City

A guide to the most important Tunisian landmarks.

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Fleetway Presents: Pets-Only Holidays

A Fleetway world exclusive...

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Your Cyprus Travel Guide

Getting to grips with all things Cyprus. Where to stay, what to eat, and is it in the EU? (it is)

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A Tantalising Platter of Greek Islands

A snapshot of the distinct flavours a Greek island has to offer.

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What Does Your Board Basis Mean?

Have you been booking holidays for years yet you still can't figure out which board basis gets you what? Let us help...

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Things to see on your next holiday to Tenerife

Known for its gorgeous sandy beaches, warm water and relaxing tempo, Tenerife might at first glance appear to be just a destination for a holiday in the sun, and not much more than that. This, the largest of the Canary Islands, however, has plenty of unexpected gems sitting under the Mediterranean sun, just waiting to be explored. Here are a few suggestions on what to visit when in Tenerife, whether you’re into natural or man-made wonders:

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Alternative things to do in Rhodes

For decades, people have been coming to the Greek island of Rhodes for its clear water, perfect beaches and amazing resorts. If, however, you want to discover some of the island’s lesser-known gems, look no further than this list

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Five local dishes you need to try in Spain

Each region in Spain is fiercely proud of its local identity and culture and regardless of where you find yourself in this vast and fascinating country, you’ll quickly discover that one of the cornerstones in every regional self-image is the local food. We’ve collected (and sampled) the five following dishes, yet these are just a few examples of the great variety of dishes you’ll find in Spain.

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Island hopping in Croatia

Whether you are staying on the mainland, or even on one of the many islands themselves, you can easily travel to and between some of the more remote islands that will give you a glimpse of a more serene part of the Mediterranean, away from the tourists and the developed seafronts.

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