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7 Cocktails from Around the World

This is guaranteed to make you thirsty...

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Christmas Markets from Around the World

Escape the rainy run-up to Christmas at home and take a trip to a far-away, festive haven!

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Things to see on your next holiday to Tenerife

Known for its gorgeous sandy beaches, warm water and relaxing tempo, Tenerife might at first glance appear to be just a destination for a holiday in the sun, and not much more than that. This, the largest of the Canary Islands, however, has plenty of unexpected gems sitting under the Mediterranean sun, just waiting to be explored. Here are a few suggestions on what to visit when in Tenerife, whether you’re into natural or man-made wonders:

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Top 10 movie locations to visit in New York

Long has the Big Apple been a backdrop to some iconic movies in cinema history. At times, New York itsself is a character in its own right in the movies we might call classics. This is your ultimate guide to some of the most famous spots around this timeless city, so you can walk in the footsteps of some of your favourite actors and actresses, recreating scenes almost everyone around you will be able to quote and act out!

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Fascinating underground sites from around the world

We're often told to look beneath the surface to see something beautiful. The world is full of magical underground sites, packed full of rich history, wonder and all waiting to be explored. Whether it's during your next city break, stay-cation or long-haul destination, add these to your list of things to see before you die!

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A Guide to Thailand’s Must See Islands

Read all about some of Thailand's must see islands, and dream up the perfect trip to pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and endless sun...

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Fleetway Travels: Experiencing the Grand Prix 2017

A thrilling weekend in Barcelona, filled with sun, sport and sensation!

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What’s the big draw to Bali?

​Bali is more than an island, or a pretty picture or a paradise holiday destination - it's a way of life and a state of mind. No wonder it's often called the Island of the Gods! So, what's the big draw to Bali?

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Things to do in Florence

Florence is a city of culture, history and stunning buildings and an eternal metropolis that retains its beauty throughout the year. Regardless of which season you are visiting, or indeed where you’re staying in the city, you’re never far from things to do and see. We’ve collected a few events that take place over the next couple of months and should not be missed if you find yourself staying in this glorious Tuscan gem.

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