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Five sites from Greek mythology you can still visit today

Permeating every particle of Greek culture is its rich heritage of history and mythology. Regardless of where you choose to holiday in Greece, you’re never far from a place that in one way or another is linked to one of the great gods like Zeus, Aphrodite or Poseidon, or the historical setting of fabled demigods and heroes like Hercules, Perseus and Odysseus.

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European Capitals of Culture 2017

Originally started as an EU-backed initiative in 1985 by two ministers from Greece and France, the European Capital of Culture was intended to serve as a bridge between European countries and a way to celebrate diversity and art across borders. Starting with Athens as the first Cultural Capital in 1985, more than 50 different cities have since been awarded the coveted accolade. Chosen cities have been found to benefit tremendously both socio-economically and culturally, and the accolade often serves as a catalyst for further growth and development in these areas. In 2007 it was decided to double the choice to two different host cities, and this year the European Capitals of Culture are Paphos in Cyprus and Aarhus in Denmark. Here is a short guide to the two cities and what you can expect from them during their stewardship of the award.

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Four great books to read in Italy

Italy is all about great food, romantic cities and breathtaking scenery. The country, however, also has a strong cultural side to it. From some of the greatest artists in the world such as Caravaggio, Botticelli and Michelangelo, to visionaries like Da Vinci, Dante and Rossellini, there are plenty of gems to be discovered here. If you're looking to bring a book with you to read while holidaying in Italy, why not dip your toe in some of the country's own literary produce?

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The Channel Islands: Three things you might not know

One of the sunniest places in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands offer a unique holiday experience. Sandy beaches, clear water and old fortresses give it an exotic air, which, when mixed the strong British identity, typical English houses, as well as the random pub, makes this a truly unique destination. If you’re planning to visit either Guernsey or Jersey, here are a few facts that you might not know about them.

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Five perfect daytrips in Greece

Greece is an overabundance of things to see and do. It's a true plethora of experiences. However, away from the much-travelled tourist paths of the Acropolis, Rhodes Town and Heraklion on Crete, there are many lesser-known gems that are hiding in plain sight. Here are five such suggestions for a daytrip away from the resort.

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#FleetwayTravels: The Electra Palace, Rhodes

At Fleetway we love what we do. We only sell holidays that we’re passionate about and you’ll often find us queueing up to explore the world through our own holidays. The Electra Palace on the delightful island of Rhodes is a firm Fleetway favourite both with our customers and us, and Borja from our Marketing Team has recently returned from a week in the sun at the Electra Palace. We caught up with him to hear about his stay and how he discovered the world for less by choosing to go all inclusive.

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