See the Northern Lights from Space!

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Martin Andersen

01 April 2017

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From 2019 we will be offering tours into the stratosphere with the Event Horizon Space Shuttle, where passengers can experience the jaw-dropping Aurora Borealis from zero gravity and views of the globe that so far have been reserved for astronauts, satellites and aliens.

The first company in the travel industry to launch stratospheric tours at earthbound prices, Fleetway has also embarked on a partnership with the future t10 Lunatel Space Resort & Spa, which will be opened in 2025.

Leaving Earth at 1100 hours from the Milton Keynes Space Centre you’ll be among the first space tourists to enjoy the Northern Lights from above. As you leap into the unknown, you can take in the stunning views of planets and meteors whizzing by your window, before the rocket orbits Earth and links up with the space hotel.

On arrival at the t10 Lunatel, you’ll receive a special zero gravity welcome drink, while a selection of space-themed songs, including Shirley Bassey’s Moonraker, will make you feel at home in the luxurious hotel, which among other things include a spa centre, indoor swimming pool (closed during zero gravity hours) and a charming restaurant, where you can sample local delicacies like authentic freeze-dried spaghetti Bolognese with rocket salad and top it off with some delicious space ice cream for dessert while enjoying unrivalled views of the Northern Lights draping the planet in a green mist.

Discover the universe for less and let Fleetway introduce you to the Milky Way.

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