Seven great gadgets to bring with you on holiday

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Martin Andersen

24 February 2017

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Preparing for a holiday means packing and knowing what to bring. Here at Fleetway, we want your preparations to be as smooth as possible, so we have carefully compiled a list of seven great items that you should pack in your suitcase to enhance your travel experience.

Vacuum pack bag

Sometimes it happens before the journey, sometimes it happens before leaving and most times it happens both ways. The suitcase is simply too full to be closed responsibly. We’ve all found ourselves trying to sit on it, or even place a knee on top of it, but every now and then, it just won’t budge. While we’re still waiting for the Narnia wardrobe-style solution to be invented, there is, however, one thing that might make packing a bit easier. Place your clothes in vacuum travel bags and minimise the space that these take up in your suitcase. Bags like this are easy to use. You just roll them up and let all the air sift out of it. Slightly more expensive versions also exist where you can use a hoover to suck out unnecessary air. 

Luggage scales

Once you’ve vacuum packed all your items and neatly arranged them in your luggage, it’s time to make sure that you haven’t gone over the permitted weight allowance for either your carry-on bags or your suitcases. A good way to avoid exceeding the maximum is to invest in a luggage scale. Easy to transport and even easier to use, this gadget will save you from worrying about the surcharge that is applied to additional kilos by the airline. 

Portable Speakers

Add your own soundtrack to your holiday by bringing a portable speaker with you. Lightweight and easy to pack in your suitcase, the sound quality is surprisingly good for its size. You can even choose between different features to make sure it fits the occasion. So whether you’re looking for a water-resistant speaker to assist you when belting out your favourite song in the rain-fall shower of your luxurious hotel room, or you want a speaker with long battery-life so you can play your favourite album as your watch the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea, there are numerous options for you to choose between.  


Selfie Stick

Regardless of where you go in the world today, you are almost certain to find someone carrying a selfie-stick. Although some people blatantly overuse it, this simple stick does have its uses for the traveller. If the only camera you have with you is your smartphone, then this extension will allow you to fit a lot more into the picture that you are trying to take and it’s a great way to experiment as an amateur photographer. If, however, you’re seeking to explore your camera skills, then please continue to the next item on this list.


Smartphone Lenses

With special detachable lenses for your smartphone, you can take great pictures, without having to pack a professional photographer’s kit. The variation of lenses means that you can choose between a wide range of optical options to capture that perfect holiday snap. Lenses like these can easily be clipped onto your smartphone or tablet and will enable you to take pictures in with either a fisheye, wide angle or macro lense.


Travel Adaptor with USB plug

One of the annoying things about travelling is that no matter where you go, the power sockets seem to be a different shape. Either that or you’ve only brought one, which means that you have to carefully schedule the recharging of various phones, tablets and gadgets. With a global travel adaptor that also comes with USB plugs, you’re not only prepared for whatever socket-design life throws at you, but you can also use your USB-cable to charge at least one of the extra phones or gadgets.

Portable charger

If you’re trying out your new selfie-stick, clip-on camera lenses or playing great tunes on your portable speaker, make sure you don’t run the battery of your device empty. With an external power bank, you can bring your device with you and extend the life of its battery by several hours. A vital item for when you want to listen to music on a secluded beach or find yourself far from a power socket or USB-stick. That these power banks are also usually quite small and easy to pack in your hand luggage only adds to the reasons why this should be in any self-respecting suitcase. 


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