Why Should You Visit Seychelles?

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02 October 2018

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There are numerous different holidays for different types of people, some which offer must-see attractions, some which offer bucket-list activities, and some which are purely designed to recharge your batteries. Of the latter holidays, you could do a lot worse than visiting Seychelles. 

A haven of white sands, warm azure waters, and incredible hospitality courtesy of some amazing hotels, the Seychelles is a complete holiday haven for those looking to chill out and get in some quality rest. If serenity is what you’re after but you’re not sure whether Seychelles is the right place for you, we’ve cobbled together some interesting information for you about the country, meaning you can make your decision much easier.

Where is Seychelles?

A group of 115 islands, Seychelles is found in the Indian Ocean, right off the Eastern coast of Africa. Unsurprisingly for a group of islands, the country doesn’t share any borders but it is relatively close to the islands of the Maldives and Madagascar. The Seychelles also have a large Indian/Sri Lankan influence, due to its proximity to those two countries. 

What Languages Do they Speak in Seychelles?

Due to a colonial past imposed by both the French and English in the past, Seychelles now has three official languages, the aforementioned French and English, as well as the native Creole. Creole is spoken across a number of Caribbean and African countries, each with their own dialect, slang, and slightly different pronunciations. Seychellois Creole is more French-based than English-based, and saying hello is as easy as allo, and thank you is similarly recognisable to French in that it's simply mersi.

What Currency Do they Use in Seychelles?

Although the Euro is widely accepted across the country, the official currency of the country is the Seychellois rupee – of which one roughly equates to 51p (at time of writing).

Weather in Seychelles

With the nitty gritty dealt with, let’s get down to the important information – what’s the weather like? In short, very warm. Average temperatures are at their lowest in August-October and even then, it doesn’t go below 26°C. The warmest months are March and April with averages of 28°C. There is sporadic rain all year round in the country, but the wettest season is between November and January. Rain generally tends to fall in short sharp bursts, never lasting longer than a couple of hours rather than a whole day. 

Where to Visit in Seychelles?

The main island in Seychelles is Mahé Island, which is home to the capital city of Victoria and several amazing beaches. The most popular beach on the island is Beau Vallon Beach and it's home to several first-class hotels, welcoming white sands, and so much more. The capital city is the country at it's most metropolitan, but even that has a peaceful charm to it - down to the fact that it has just 25,000 inhabitants. Visit Victoria for a national museum, beautiful botanical gardens, and a vibrant taste of the local Creole culture.

Outside of the city, there are great hiking trails found on the island, with plenty of spectacular views on offer from all around. Those who like exploring under the water as well as above it will find many endangered species like the aldabra giant tortoise and green turtles moving about, as well as the hawksbill above water. Of the other islands, there are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Seychelles – found on Praslin Island and on the Aldabra Atoll. Vallee de Mai on Praslin Island is a a wonderful nature reserve and park quite unlike anywhere else in the country, offering a plethora of ancient palm forests and beautiful foliage. Aldabra Atoll is a little harder to get to, but when you do, it’s more than worth it - as the world’s second-largest coral reef, it’s a diver’s paradise.

Those holidaymakers seeking rest, relaxation, and warm climes need to look no further than Seychelles – which also offers a unique blend of culture alongside its peaceful virtues. 

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