Things to see on your next holiday to Tenerife

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Martin Andersen

24 August 2017

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Auditorium in Santa Cruz, Punta del Hidalgo Lighthouse

Rising sharply above the harbour-front of the island’s capital, Santa Cruz, the Auditorium of Tenerife, is a white-washed, architectural marvel that resembles an abstract take on a wave crashing against the shore. The auditorium itself is home to various cultural events, including music and theatre, so if you’re looking for a cultural night out, this is the place to head. On the northern side of the island, architecture enthusiasts can indulge in another modernist construction. In the village of Punta del Hidalgo, the local lighthouse looks more like a cartoon skyscraper than a typical lighthouse, and is definitely worth a visit if you’re journeying across the northern landscapes of Tenerife.

Catch the sunset at Masca or Palmar

If you’re based in the south or just happen to make your way from Santa Cruz to the opposite end of the island, you should not miss what is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular views across the Canary Islands. The southwestern tip of the island is carved in rugged crags and peaks, where narrow roads wind their way around the sharp landscape. Here small villages, perched on the slopes and hillsides, populate the otherwise sparse area, and it’s near these that you’ll find the most amazing views of the sun glistening in the sea and the surrounding cliffs. Masca is one of the more popular destinations, where visitors will find picture-perfect scenery set against the image of a charming little village. However, roaming the nearby geography will reveal unique viewpoints just for you. 

Carnival of Santa Cruz

If you’re visiting Tenerife in February, you’re in for a treat, which the locals have been preparing for all year. The carnival is recognised as one of the biggest in Spain, and costumes, floats and lots of music makes this event packed full of a wide array of colours, sounds and local flavours. Stretching throughout the month and even a few days into March, there is something for all ages here, as the carnival hosts activities for both children and grown-ups. Spot the many different characters that parade through the city, see the crowning of the Queen and participate in one of the numerous competitions and activities that liven up the city like no other place in Spain.

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