Travel Pub Quiz 3

14 May 2020

Time to Read


1. By what name is the former country of South West Africa now known?

2. If you had a flight to Incheon International Airport, which country would you be visiting?

3. The QE2 has recently been turned into a hotel but where is it docked?

4. On which island can lemurs be found in the wild?

5. Riga is the capital city of which country?

6. In which mountain range can Mount Everest be found?

7. Which river is the deepest in the world?

8. In which country would you find Timbuktu?

9. How many capital cities does South Africa have?

10. Which US city is nicknamed the “Windy city”?

11. Victoria Falls is found on which river in southern Africa?

12. Parícutin in Mexico is named as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world but what is it?

13. Which city is the capital of Turkey?

14. What is the currency in Thailand?

15. In which country would you find the the Chocolate Hills?

16. Livraria Lello, a book shop in Porto that is frequently ranked among the best in the world, became more famous because of which book series?

17. Meteora is a rock foundation found in central Greece that is famous for what?

18. Which famous Spanish church designed by architect Antoni Gaudi has been under construction for over a century?

19. The Trevi Fountain can be found in which city?

20. Korcula is an island found in which country?

1. Namibia

2. South Korea

3. Dubai

4. Madagascar

5. Latvia

6. The Himalayas

7. The Congo

8. Mali

9. 3

10. Chicago

11. Zambezi river

12. Volcano

13. Ankara

14. Thai baht

15. The Philippines

16. Harry Potter

17. The monastaries found perched atop the rocks

18. The Sagrada Família

19. Rome

20. Croatia