Which Turkish Resort is Right for You?

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Marcus Dean

27 September 2018

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Decisions, decisions, decisions… We have to make countless of them every day and yet we still find some of them incredibly difficult. Some may be trivial, like whether to use a spoon or fork for your penne pasta (spoon for us, personally), and some may be bigger, like choosing a new rug for your study (y’know, to really tie the room together). Choosing where to go on holiday is a huge decision. With so many incredible destinations readily available to you, you want to be sure of the best place for you.

Assuming you opened this blog on purpose, you’ve chosen Turkey. Firstly, great choice. Secondly, whereabouts? Turkey is a perfect holiday destination for those who want a warm escape that won’t break the bank, but where exactly should you go? There are several Turkish resorts more than ready to meet your requirements – each of them being home to numerous four and five-star properties, incredible beaches, and great all-inclusive hospitality. Here are the contenders…


Visit for a bustling tourism scene and beautiful beaches.

A popular resort for a number of decades, Marmaris experiences a lot of tourism in the summer months – an unsurprising fact considering the average temperature in July is 28°C, with highs of 35°C. Those visiting outside of summer will find warmth up until the end of October with an average of 20°C.

With such great weather and a storied history for bustling tourism, it might not be the place for you if you don’t like crowds. But, there’s a reason these crowds headed for Marmaris in the first place – it’s striking natural beauty and landmarks. Known as the Turquoise Coast, there are numerous sandy beaches dotted along the water – each of which are perfect for either sunbathing or water sports. Additionally, the Old Town is a fascinating experience for the senses, and the bazaar is a wonderful place to practice your haggling game.  


Visit for a peaceful break interspersed with great walks. 

Home to a protected, sheltered lagoon and a verdant national park, Oludeniz is the place to be for all nature-lovers. But as happens with all serene places of beauty, its once secret charms are now common knowledge. Though not as busy as Marmaris, it is now a much-visited resort for those seeking a peaceful break.

Outside of a relaxing break, the resort’s neighbouring national park is home to some stunning mountains. Home to multiple amazing walking trails, it’s also one of the most popular spots in Turkey for paragliding. Go on, we dare you.


Visit for a five-star stay in an elegant resort.

A popular holidaying spot for celebrities all over Europe, Bodrum has a glitzy reputation and offers countless opulent resorts for you to relax in. Known as the ‘St Tropez of Turkey’, the harbour is full of lavish yachts and restaurants willing to wait on your every need. In terms of landmarks, the Castle of St. Peter is an interesting medieval attraction that affords even more stunning views from its perched location.


Visit for old-world delights in an up-and-coming resort.

The Turkish call it the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’, and with gorgeous ancient sites and an ever-growing list of five-star resorts – it’s easy to see why. The well-preserved old town of Kaleiçi is well worth visiting for history buffs, while there are countless 18th-century traditional houses from the Ottoman Empire still intact too. On the leisure side, there are several beaches primed for pure relaxation, with Lara Beach being the most popular.


Visit for a selection of the country’s best beaches and great aquatic activities. 

Unspoilt beaches are the crown jewel of Dalaman, with several beautiful options being easily accessible from most hotels in the region. There are sandy options, pebbled options, and even ones with native loggerhead turtles on show. Swimmers, snorkelers, and divers will feel right at home with most hotels and beachside companies offering excursions to explore the bounteous marine life. A resort perfect for the aquatic explorers among you. 

Whichever resort sounds like the most natural fit for you, each Turkish holiday has an identical commitment to quality. With each region offering numerous four and five-star hotels at incredible low prices, there’s not really a wrong decision here. 

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