What Does Your Board Basis Mean?

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Dessie Nedyalkova

18 October 2017

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Picture this: you’re booking a holiday, you’ve decided where you want to go, what you want to do and where you want to stay; but you still haven’t made one of the most important decisions when planning a trip – what you want to eat!

With so many dining options available, it’s often difficult to decide how many meals you want to take care of on holiday, and how many you want to leave to chance and spontaneity. Here’s a handy little guide we’ve put together to help you decide which board basis you should opt for when booking your next holiday.

Bed & breakfast (B&B) 

 Simple, honest and does exactly what it says on the tin. A B&B board basis includes daily breakfast the morning after your night’s stay. It’s a sure fire way to get you full and ready to take on a day of travelling home, exploring, or quite simply, lounging poolside with a magazine.

Half board (HB)

A half-board basis during your holiday stay means your daily breakfast and daily dinner are taken care of. The way this is served and where (buffet, a la carte, special menu) is dependent on the resort you’re staying at and the holiday package you have booked, but whatever way you look at it – you’ve got two meals less to worry about every day, or two meals every day to sandwich some relaxing, exploring or activities in between. Make sure to note your drinks aren’t included on a half board basis – just your meals. 

Full board (FB)

If you know you’ll be hungry at breakfast, peckish at lunch, and starving by dinner – then it’s best you opt for a full-board basis on holiday. This board includes three daily meals at your resort, and if you’re lucky you’ll be served these in various different restaurants throughout, so you can dine-around, or in other cases, you can find your favourite spot to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurant for a more personal experience. Make sure to note your drinks aren’t included on a full board basis – just your meals.

All-inclusive (AI)

If you’d like to leave the worrying over what, when and where you’re going to eat and drink on holiday to someone else, then the all-inclusive board basis is for you. All meals, drinks and snacks are covered during your stay (just make sure you’re up to date on where and when these will be served) and we guarantee you won’t go hungry. In fact, it may be a challenge staying away from all the delicious food options available to you in your resort….but a holiday is no time to calorie-count!

Ultra/Premium All inclusive (UAI/PAI)

If you’re lucky enough to be staying in a resort where an ultra or premium all-inclusive board is on offer, then you’re in for a world of luxury. As well as your meals, drinks and snacks, your resort is likely to offer other perks during your stay, such as access to a private beach with sun-loungers perhaps, a daily re-stocked minibar, use of spa facilities and many many more goodies. Our top tip is to enquire about the features of the ultra or premium all-inclusive basis, so you know exactly what you’ve got to look forward to before you even get there!

We hope we’ve simplified the decision of what board basis to opt for when booking your next holiday. Now you can go back to marking off the calendar days before packing a suitcase and jetting off…

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