To City Break or to Not City Break? (Always City Break)

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Marcus Dean

18 July 2018

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A trip, holiday, vacation, getaway, break, or simply just a weekend away, no matter what you call your time off, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a new place for the first time. From relaxing beach breaks to guided tours, there’s a whole host of holidays available on the market these days, with one favourite being the city break.

A bite-sized escape designed to make the most of cuisine, culture and everything in between, trips to major cities can be tiring, but the amount you’re able to pack in a few short days make them more than worth it.

We love a city break here at Fleetway HQ and we recently asked a few of the team for their input on favourite cities, where they want to go next, and what makes city breaks so darn appealing? Taking some time away from their busy schedule working on the next Fleetway holidays, we spoke to Richard (Email Marketing Executive), Dessie (Partnerships Coordinator), Helen (Revenue Analyst), and Sophie (Partnerships Coordinator). So if you don’t agree with some of the given suggestions, you at least know who to blame…

Firstly, what do you want from a city break?

Richard – A mixture of everything really, bars, restaurants, museums, sights, and of course, good transport.

Dessie – Culture, whether that’s historical or sightseeing, nightlife and a good food scene. If there’s street food then that’s bonus points!

Helen – I’m usually looking for a combo of culture and food. I tend to go to gigs as well, either to see local or international bands, so that always helps. If I have a little more time in one place, then I like to venture outside the city, too.

Sophie – You want to be able to pack a lot into a short space of time. Ideally, I’d tumble from bed into a cute bakery before heading to a museum or gallery, refuel with a big, local lunch, exploring more in the afternoon, before experiencing the night life too!

What’s been your favourite city break so far? (This is where you give some great hints for our readers)

Richard – It has to be Athens, there’s so much to see there. The Acropolis is incredible by itself but then you also have amazing views over the city as well. The food is so good too, especially the gyros! Everyone there is so relaxed, you can sit at a café in the beautiful 30°C weather and people-watch all day with the same coffee, and if it’s not busy and fancy a natter, the waiter will sit with you too.

Dessie – So many to name! Riga, Budapest, Marrakech, Amsterdam. There’s so many great cities to visit.

Helen – For a left-field choice, Skopje was one of my favourites in Macedonia. Not only is it a great city, but it’s also got the gorgeous Matka Canyon right next to it. For a more conventional choice, you can’t beat Barcelona!

Sophie – Seriously tough question! Picturesque Florence is right up there for sure, what with the gelato, vino, cheesy carbs, art galleries and beautiful buildings. For a more off-piste escape, the chilly Norwegian city of Bergen is amazing, surrounded by mountains and fjords.

What city do you want to go next?

Richard – Rome! I’ve always wanted to see the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, and the Trevi Fountain. I also want to eat all the Italian food (same Richard, same)! I recently watched a programme on pizza in Italy and it just made me want to go even more.

Dessie – Basically everywhere. But if I had to pick a few names out that I’m looking at soon, then Fez, Dubrovnik, Vienna, and Berlin are all near the top of the list.

Helen – I’m going to Bruges next and next on the list are Seville, Marrakech, and Kiev.

Sophie – I feel like the only person working in the travel industry who has never been to Barcelona so that’s high on my list! I’m keen for Copenhagen too, or maybe Reykjavik in the hope of seeing the Northern Lights.  

A huge thank you to those four for some time out of their day, and also for their recommendations which I’m sure you’ll agree are all totally acceptable ideas to steal, especially the pizza one, thanks Richard. City breaks are personal getaways where your choices can design a completely unique holiday, so we hope that these tips can help sculpt your next trip away.

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