Why on Earth would you go to Jersey?

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Martin Andersen

18 September 2017

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Considering going to Jersey? Wondering what to do and see on this beautiful, Atlantic gem? Whether you’re looking for golden beaches, wonderful nature, amazing food, or fascinating history, Jersey has it all! And best of all, it’s only a 40-minute flight away. 

A word of advice: when you pack for your holiday, make sure to bring a healthy appetite, so you can indulge in all the many things that are on offer here.

The coast, the beaches and the quiet bays

Did you know that Jersey is home to over 50 miles of splendid coast? Each part of the island offers something new to explore. In the north you’ll find verdant, jagged cliffs perfect for hiking and cycling. The south is where you should be hanging out if you’re looking for great seafood and romantic walks along the waterfront of St Helier. For the perfect Jersey morning, embark on a refreshing nature hike in the north followed by a spot of “blow karting” (quirky, land-based wind surfing on wheels) on the beaches of St Ouen in the west. Top off your day with a romantic seaside dinner in the famed southern coast, with the gentle tune of the waves accompanying the delightful island cuisine.

You don’t have to be a history buff to visit Jersey, but it helps

Jersey’s immersive, fascinating history is evident throughout the island. Did you know that the Channel Islands were the only parts of Britain to be captured by the Germans during WW2? Head underground in the island’s war tunnels and experience a time capsule from the 1940s, while learning more about Jersey’s role in the war. If medieval castles are more up your street, don’t worry — there are plenty of old Norman fortifications (such as Mont Orgueil in Gorey and Elizabeth Castle in St Helier) that tell the tale of Jersey’s importance in a real-life game of thrones. 

Tick the Jersey Big Four off your list

If the sandy beaches of St Ouen and the imposing castles scattered throughout the island haven’t persuaded you to board the next plane to Jersey, the food will! A place where local produce and delicious seafood abound, prepare for a holiday full of delicious treats. The island’s cuisine evolves around the so-called “Big Four” that have put Jersey on the culinary world map. Try the scrumptious Jersey Royals potatoes, enjoy a delicious ice cream made from the milk of Jersey Cows, or savour tasty lobsters and fresh oysters caught in the cold waters that surround the island. We promise we won’t judge if you go in for a second helping.

With Jersey as your destination, you don’t have to travel halfway around the world or brush up on your foreign phrases to find an oasis of white beaches, delicious local food and fascinating history. Regardless of what brings you to the island (try not to think about buttery, succulent lobster right now!), there will be plenty of culture, history and food to delve into here. 

Oh, and did we mention the lobsters? 

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