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A Q and A with the Sales and Marketing Director of the Marbella Collection

Covid-19, environmental sustainability and more

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Travel Pub Quiz 3

The third in our series of travel related home pub quiz questions

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Did you know... Greece

Some interesting and Fun Facts about Greece

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Interesting and Fun Facts about Spain

Some interesting and fun facts about one of our most popular destination: Spain

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Travel Pub Quiz 2

Back by popular demand. Here's travel quiz number 2!

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A Travel Pub Quiz

A travel quiz to help entertain you and your family through lockdown

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Pork marinated in rosemary with mustard sauce from Sani Resorts

A delicious pork recipe from the award-winning chef, Chrysanthos Karamolengos

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Chicken Pastitsada Recipe in Association with the Head Chef at Marbella Nido

Marbella Nido is found on the island of Corfu and is well known for its delicious gourmet and local cuisine. As we all hunker down at home and dream of sunnier climes we’ve teamed up with the head chef at Marbella Nido to bring a little bit of the Greek Islands to your kitchen. This Chicken Pastitsada recipe is the perfect meal to share with family or friends (or whoever you are currently in isolation with!). Focusing on a blend of traditional herbs and spices, close your eyes and imagine you are in Corfu.

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21 Facts You Didn’t Know About New York City

Discover hidden secrets about The City That Never Sleeps...

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